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TESDA Palawan Provincial Skills Competition 2019

By: Admin - Date Posted: 2019-06-27

Section 30 of Republic Act 7796 or TESDA Act of 1994 states that “To promote quality skills development in the country and with the view of participating in international skills competitions, the Authority, shall organize and conduct annual National Skills Olympics.” The Skills Olympics is now known as Skills Competition which is being conducted periodically at the provincial, regional and national levels to showcase the skills of our blue collar workers by gathering them in a competition mode. Provincial Skills Competition is the process of selecting the best possible qualifier for the Regional Skills Competition and eventually the representative of the Region in the upcoming Zonal Skills Competition. The Provincial Skills Competition is a preparation program in the form of Mock Competition in their respective skill area before qualifying in the Regional Skills Competition. Each skill area shall use the Test Packages used during the 12th ASEAN Skills Competition 2018 held in Bangkok, Thailand and has been modified for the technology. This year, the Palawan Provincial Skills Competition (PSC) was conducted to select competitor/s for the TESDA MIMAROPA Regional Skills Competition to be held in the last week of June. There will be one category; the Open Category for the TVET students/graduates in Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) with TESDA registered programs. EVENT NARRATIVE: The Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades (PPSAT) welcomed the crowd of trainees, trainers, and other spectators for the 2019 Palawan Provincial Skills Competition on June 10, 2019. Guests, competitors, and the members of the jury converged in the PPSAT Multi-Purpose Hall for the competitions, and were formally welcomed with an Opening Program, led by TESDA Palawan’s Provincial Director, Dir. Rosalinda B. Talavera. The Opening Ceremony began with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and a doxology. The participants were then acknowledged, especially the competitors, their coaches, and the members of the jury. This was followed by the warm Welcome Remarks from the Vocational School Administrator III of PPSAT, Dr. Clarissa C. Posadas. She had mentioned that this year’s skills competition was notable and exciting, as the last provincial skills competition was held seven years ago, in 2012. The crowd was then treated to an inspirational message from the PTESDC Chairman, and the current Provincial PESO (Public Employment Services Office) Manager, Mr. Richard P. Rebote. He also shared some information about upcoming job fairs and other employment-related activities in the province. The competition was then officially declared open by the TESDA Palawan Provincial Director, herself, Dir. Rosalinda B. Talavera, followed by expectant applause from the crowd. Three qualifications were chosen to be showcased in the competition – Hotel and Restaurant Services, Electrical Installation, and Tile Setting. The competitors were then called up on stage, and in front of the audience, took the Oath of a Skills Competitor, led by Mr. Clint El Roi B. Alolod, a competitor for Electrical Installation. After taking the oath, the Competition/House Rules were presented by Ms. Grace Francisco, staff from the TESDA Palawan Provincial Office. Final preparations and briefing were done per qualification, as the members of the jury convened briefly with the competitors and their coaches, as per the rating tools that would be used for the competition. The competitors were from two TESDA schools, namely Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades and Puerto Princesa School of Science and Technology. Four hours was given to the competitors for electrical installation to implement the diagram given and discussed by the judges. They began at exactly 11:00 am and worked silently but enthusiastically throughout the designated time. The members of the jury for electrical installation watched closely as the competitors placed each PVC pipe and as they connected each wire. Both the competitors strictly adhered to the PPE requirements of their task. Much of the crowd amusingly watched the competition on Hotel and Restaurant Services as it was more interactive, including spiels/dialogues and much movement. They began with a simultaneous performance of table boxing, followed by the demonstration of both French and Russian Services. The members of the jury checked the details of the table set-up meticulously with bits of information offered to the audience by the chairman of the board of judge, after each part. The competitors for Tile Setting demonstrated their skill by setting tiles in an actual comfort room in PPSAT, between the workshops of Food Processing NC II and Bread and Pastry Production NC II. The members of the jury watched closely, as well, as the demonstrators went about each step to complete their task. The competitors for Tile Setting were both from PPSAT. As all three competitions were concluded, the ratings and scores were consolidated and computed by the designated competition working committee, and the results were then verified by representatives from the Commission on Audit. The Closing and Awarding Ceremonies then ensued, in the presence of Dir. Talavera, Dr. Posadas, Mr. Tamayo, and the COA representatives. The crowd stayed until the end to cheer the competitors and to know the results of the competition. A message was shared by Mr. Jeremias T. Tamayo, President of the TVI Association of Palawan, followed by the presentation of tokens of appreciation and Certificates of Appreciation/Participation to the participants and members of the jury. The tokens and certificates were awarded by the Provincial Director, herself, and VSA III of PPSAT, as well as the administrator of PPSST. The most awaited part of the program was the announcement of winners and awarding of medals and cash prizes. The winners were announced by Ms. Shiara Kuh T. Conde, host of the event, and the medals and cash prizes were awarded by Dir. Talavera, assisted by Dr. Posadas and Mr. Tamayo. The competitors from Puerto Princesa School of Science and Technology bagged the first prizes for Hotel & Restaurant Services and Electrical Installation, and PPSAT’s competitors bagged the second prizes for the mentioned qualifications. Both the competitors in Tile Setting were from PPSAT, but they were also rated by the jury accordingly and were awarded. The 2019 Provincial Skills Competition was concluded with Closing Remarks delivered by the Head of the Technical Education and Training Office of PPSAT, Dr. Sianita C. Tadlas. The program ended with the video presentation of TESDA Way.