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PPSAT’s Greening Project Hits Several Targets in

By: Admin - Date Posted: 2018-03-08

As part of the greening project, the different sectors and offices of Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades are currently competing for the best landscape design. Aside from winning the hearts and senses of the expert juries through aesthetic design, the activity also serves as a platform to fortify desirable work values, environmental awareness, gender and development, mental health, and creativity! 1. TEAMWORK & CAMARADERIE. Landscaping activities are a good avenue to build friendship. It encourages people to connect, share ideas and hit goals together. It also improves trainer-trainee relationship. And as the saying goes: together, everyone achieves more! 2. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND PROTECTION. Through landscaping, students are able to develop pro-environmental behavior, actively protecting the environment from destruction and pollution. 3. GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT. This activity also advocates gender and development as it encourages every one of all ages and gender, especially women to exercise their prowess in formulating goals, implementing plans and managing teams. Happy Women’s Month! 4. PROMOTION OF MENTAL HEALTH. According to studies, acts like gardening and landscaping help relieve stress. It aids emotional catharsis and diversion from day-to-day problems. 5. CREATIVITY. What’s the main source of these pleasing sceneries? Of course, it’s the imaginative minds of PPSAT faculty, staff and students! -LMPG