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PPSAT-MFI Scholars BEST Path towards Success

By: Admin - Date Posted: 2017-04-04

It is said that knowledge, ability, and right attitude bring success. This notion was proven true by Daniel Pilapil and Reniel Tabinga, former scholars of Malampaya Foundation, Incorporated (MFI).

As tricycle driver, 23-year-old Daniel knew how hard it was to gain financial security. Even if he doubles his effort, his daily wage was not enough to support his family. Upon learning the scholarship opportunity offered by MFI, he immediately decided to undergo the screening process. Though he knew that his job might get affected once the training starts, he still grabbed the opportunity to learn skills in Housekeeping NC II at Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades (PPSAT), one of MFIs partner institutions.

Daniel belonged to the first batch of scholars, year 2015. Like many others, Daniel was plagued with series of family and personal problems. Instead of giving up, he became more determined and dedicated in his technical training. He did not let the undesirable circumstances hinder him from achieving his goal of garnering a national certificate. After passing the national assessment in Housekeeping NC II, Daniel started his on-the-job training (OJT) at Aziza Paradise Hotel in Bgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City. Because of his diligence and initiative, the management absorbed him as a room attendant in an on-call basis. Daniels on-call position elevated to casual status. Though he has not yet achieved a regular position, he believes that his positive attitude towards work will definitely Reniel Tabinga (red) and Daniel Pilapil (blue) w/ MFI batchmates bring him triumph in the near future. Daniel also aspires to work abroad after acquiring work experiences related to his field of expertise.

On the other hand, Reniel Tabinga, 22 years old, had initially enrolled in Palawan State University and took an engineering course. Due to inadequate financial capacity, he only reached second year level in college. Driven by his dream to succeed, he remained optimistic despite his condition. Like Daniel, Reniel also took the chance to be one of MFI-BESTs scholars. Given his innate intellectual inclination, Reniel passed the screening process and enrolled in Housekeeping NC II. Aside from being active in his training, Reniel also revealed his dynamism and leadership at the dormitory. He often helped the dorm master in conducting team building activities. His talkative and jolly nature became his means of dealing with lifes challenges. After graduation, he applied in Aziza Paradise Hotel and got hired. Since he does not want to rely on his parents for financial support, he conscientiously performs his duties in Aziza as housekeeping keeping attendant. Moreover, Reniel wants to secure his future by finishing his baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering. To achieve such vision, he saves a portion of his income in preparation for further studies.

Realizing ones goal is not an easy course. A step closer to ones dreams could mean a leap further from ones comfort zone. Daniel and Reniel may not have yet established their dream house for their loved ones, but they have already built a firm foundation for a better life in the future. They may not have yet filled their pockets with wealth, but they have already loaded their spirit with ample level of courage and determination. MFI, in collaboration with its partners like PPSAT, does not instil riches. Instead, it builds bridges on the way to victory, and thats actually the BEST path that Daniel and Reniel had taken so far.