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The Wood has the Answer: A Carpenter Story

By: Admin - Date Posted: 2017-04-04

Ang pagiging karpintero, likas lamang ito na lalabas sa taong interesado na matutunan ang bagay at trabaho ng pagiging isang karpintero.

Joey Castro, who is 39 years old was born in Dumaran, Palawan. He is one of the successful graduates of Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades (PPSAT). Joeys passion revolves around a career that only a few get interested with carpentry. Fuelled by his ambition to upgrade the quality of his life, Joey eagerly grabbed the opportunity to undergo the free training program offered in their municipality when he was still in high school. His diligence in bamboo crafting and furniture yield positive results. Through his manual skills, he was able to financially support his family, and his wife and kids.

In 1999, Joey put up his own furniture shop; and a decade later, he decided to undergo technical-vocational training at PPSAT. Because of his passion in wood work, he enrolled in Carpentry NC II. According to him, one of the things that inspired him during his training was the openness and encouraging nature of his trainers. He described, The best din talaga dahil magagaling silang magturo. At bukod dito ay ini-encourage ka pa nila ng husto na gawin ang isang bagay na kelangan mong matutunan, para at least pag nasa trabaho ka na hindi ka mapahiya. Hindi rin mapapahiya yung school na pinanggalingan mo.

Aside from the carpentry skills Joey learned from PPSAT, his values like optimism and hard work also helped him to thrive. Few months after graduation, the opportunity in other countries poured upon him. And because of his garnered TESDA NC II certificate, he was immediately absorbed in Aujan Crestwood Company in Al Qubar, eastern province of Saudi Arabia. He described, Napadali ang aking pag-aapply ng trabaho dahil sa aking hawak na National Certificate II sa Carpentry.

Joey also mentioned TESDAs credibility and the advantage of having a technical-vocational skill. He said, Ang TESDA po kasi hindi basta-basta eh. Pagka mag-aapply ka ng trabaho, yung mga employer mas gusto nila yung nakikita nilang mas marami kang skill, at patunay ang isang certificate na galing sa TESDA.

Moreover, Joeys love for work radiates on his stories regarding carpentry. He even encourages the younger generation, especially the out-of-school youths to enroll in TESDA courses. When asked about he wants to say to the budding generation, he said, Nandito (TESDA) po ang ating mga pangarap. Huwag po kayong magdalawang isip na matutong kumuha ng pagiging karpintero, kumuha ng TESDA certificate sa carpentry dahil ito po yung isang madaling mahanapan ng trabaho. At bukod dito, kahit na sa pamamahay natin ay magagamit din natin ito.

After five years of working at Saudi Arabia, Joey decided to go back to Palawan to undergo training in Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II, during the first quarter of 2015. In addition to his expertise in carpentry, he is also planning to use his SMAW certificate for future work purposes. With all his will to provide a comfortable life for his family, Joey, chooses not to cease working. He continuously adheres to the belief held by his younger self, that every opportunity to improve oneself and ones life is always worth the grab. LMCP