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From Japan to PPSAT: Izumi Hayashis Journey

By: Admin - Date Posted: 2017-04-04

Grateful beyond words this exactly portrays Izumi Hayashi during our conversation. Izumi, a registered nurse, is a 47-year-old Japanese national who temporarily resided in Palawan from 2015 to first quarter of 2016. To fill her vacant schedule during her stay, she decided to enrol in Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades in January. Since she aspires to establish a caf?hen she gets back to Japan, she enrolled in Bread and Pastry Production NC II, under Ms. Veneranda A???? Despite the language barriers such as her limited ability to comprehend and express the English language, Izumi still successfully learned the process of baking breads and pastries. According to her, she learned a lot through actual demonstrations. In the face of struggling to understand English, she felt comfortable throughout her stay in PPSAT because of her supportive trainer and kind classmates.

Coming from a first-world country, Izumi inevitably made some adjustments particularly in the relaxed nature of her classmates. She described that there were times when she had to consistently remind her co-trainees to be conscious of their time. Fortunately, Izume didn? have to wait for the others to progress because PPSAT applies competency-based training (CBT). Through self-paced learning, Izume was able to smoothly move from one competency to another.

Aside from the skills in producing breads and pastries, Izumi confirmed that what she would remember the most about her stay in PPSAT are the memories she had with her co-trainees. She mentioned, ?hey are very positive and active? She even compared the students in Japan with the Filipinos as she described, ?tudents in Japan just sit there and, feel bored at times? Apparently, she enjoyed being with her co-trainees. She recalled, ?veryday I came here, very enjoyable. I like to talk to them, they always try to English, they say always nosebreed?osebleed. Very funny. I am very happy, they try to English for me. I will miss them, my classmates? As I listened to her stories, I felt her great effort to organize and convey her ideas. There were even moments when I had to repeat or rephrase a single question several times. Despite this barrier in communication, I sensed her sincerity in every word she uttered.

As a nurse, and as a mother, Izumi constantly feels the need to care for others, especially to the youth. Before we ended our conversation, she left some insights that actually reverberated in my mind. She said, ?on? give up on your dreams, continue doing your best, and just enjoy. Life is short, if you want to do something; do it, and do your best.?br/>
Developing skilled workers with world-class competence, for global employment and entrepreneurial opportunities is just one of the objectives of PPSAT. We are pretty sure that we have already met this goal, but having Izumi as one of our graduates only proves that we have surpassed what we primarily expected of our programs and services.