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School Offices & Administration

Office of the VSA

The VSA office oversees all the major departments in Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades. The offices are as follows,

  • Policy and Planning
  • Technical Education and Training
  • Standard Setting and Systems Development
  • General Administrative Support

Office of General Administrative and Support Services

GASS office oversees the progress of administrative personnel in the following offices:

  • Supply Office
  • Cashier’s Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Clinic
  • Maintenance Office

TET Office

Technical Education and Training Office is found in the Administration Building, between GASS Office and Registrar’s Office. It is generally responsible for supervising and monitoring the effective and efficient delivery and facilitation of technical trainings and programs for Basic, Common and Core competencies as well as updating and enhancing instructional materials.

Accounting Office

Accounting Office lies next to Cashier’s office at the Administration Building. To make sure that PPSAT never runs out of resources, this division relentlessly provides accounting services and meticulously manages financial records and other financial elements.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides support services by keeping trainees’ records. It is composed of friendly staff members who facilitate enrolment and willingly provides information about school admission requirements and trainings offered. The office gladly accommodates clients’ queries and is also in charge of the release of training certificates and other documents.

Office of the Cashier

Turning left from the Admin Building’s main door is the Office of the Cashier, conscientious for receiving technical training fees, accounts of clients and distribution of checks for particular purposes.

Learning Resource Center

Bookworms and others interested to read magazines and news to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in their fields of expertise may proceed at the Learning Resource Center, found at the Hagedorn Building, just below the TESDA-Provincial Office.

Office of the Supply

This office facilitates the purchase of tools, items or materials and meets with suppliers who meet the specified budgetary requirements. The office also leads the inspection, inventory and storage of such purchases.

TAC Office

The TESDA Assessment Center office warmly welcomes anyone who would like to apply for assessment. It is in-charge of the assessment schedule, test package and the receipt of assessment results for RWAC.